Mid-Year Dues! 1/31/2019

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Scholarship Checklist (PDF)

Scholarship Application (PDF)


2019 Convention Files


How to Form a New Local Club

New Club Checklist (PDF File)

Membership Files

NCMOM Club Renew/Join Application (PDF File) 

NCMOM Club Renew/Join Application (Word File)

Please see mid-year form to use new mailing address for all dues and renewal applications. Thank you for your patience. 

NCMOM Individual Renew/Join Application (PDF File)

NCMOM Individual Renew/Join Application (Word File)

To qualify for an Individual Member at Large (from Standing Rules, 2013 ed.):

​5. Member At Large:

A)Defined as being the parent or guardian of multiple birth children and having no local club OR a member of a local club that is not a member of the State Organization.  Dues will be $5 per year with $3.50 paying annual dues and $1.50 in lieu of the club basket at state convention.  Dues will be due by August 31st.


Standing Rules & By-Laws

By-Laws (PDF File updated 11/2014)

Standing Rules  (PDF File updated 5/2015)


Uniting Mothers of Multiples from the Mountains to the Coast