Uniting Mothers of Multiples from the Mountains to the Coast

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2020-2021 NCMOM Board

President- Stephanie Copeland, Catawba Valley MOM

Vice President- Amy Zurface, Cape Fear MOM

Secretary- ​Kristin Bedford, Cape Fear MOM

Treasurer- Audren Ford, Cape Fear MOM

Advisor- Kim Koontz, Double Digits (past president)

Parliamentarian- Teresa Clontz, Catawba Valley MOM

Chaplain- Teresa Clontz, Catawba Valley MOM

Event Planners - Leslie Duncan, POEMS, Martha Hamby, DD, TBA

Historian - ​TBA

National Liaison- Cara Kusnic, Twin City MOM

Newsletter - Beth Bumgarner - Schlosser, Double Digits

Nominating Chairperson- Cara Kusnic, Twin City MOM

​Scholarship Chairperson- Crystal Williamson, SPOTT, DD, POEMs 

Web Manager- Leslie Duncan, POEMs (past president)